Canada Tax Preparation Software 2019 - 2020

Amend Canada Tax Return

Getting your taxes done quick and out of the way sounds like a great way to get that monkey off your back. However, sometimes acting too quickly can lead to mistakes and missed opportunities to take deductions. No Worries! Just file a amended tax return to clean up those imperfections and get back on track...

How can I make changes and Amend my Canada income tax return?

If you have to make corrections or changes to your income tax return in Canada, you should wait until you receive your notice of assessment to file the changes.

Some changes can be made online while others must be done only by mail. It can take up to eight weeks for the Canada Revenue Agency to make any adjustment needed then mail you a notice of  reassessment for your tax return.

Making Changes to Your Canada Income Tax Return Online

In order to make changes on your most recent return, or to Canada income tax returns for any of the previous two years, you can use the Revenue Agencies "my account tax service". Simply log in and select the "Change my return" option to make any adjustments necessary. You can also change your address using this same service.

Making Tax Return Changes to Your Income Tax Return by Mail

To make changes to your tax return in Canada by mail, you can write a letter with details of your request and mail it to your tax centre.

You may also make changes to your return by completing a T1-ADJ T1 Adjustment Request form.

You must include:

  • your residential address

  • your social insurance number

  • your telephone number

  • supporting documentation for your original claim

  • supporting documentation for the changes you are requesting

Filing Your Return in Canada

To file your tax return in Canada you need an income tax package for the province where you lived on December 31 of the previous year for which your filing. The package includes a federal tax worksheet, a tax return form, schedules or additional forms, a  territory or provincial worksheet and an information guide.

The type of income tax form sent to you by the Canada Revenue Agency is based on the income tax return you filed the previous year. If it is not appropriate, you may use a general income tax package.

Filing Your Income Taxes:

There are many ways to file your return with the Canada Revenue Agency. Simply choose the one that's appropriate for your tax situation.

  • By Mail: This method is available to everyone, your only cost is a stamp.

  • NETFILE: Most Canadians can file their return over the Internet by using NETFILE. Simply prepare your tax form using your choice of software or web application like TurboTax canada that has been certified by the CRA. Some software certified for use with NETFILE is free for low or modest incomes.

  • TELEFILE: This method lets people with simple tax returns file using a touch-tone phone. You will get an immediate confirmation that your return has been received, and a faster refund then by mail.

  • Service for Seniors: This is a simple to use system that works for selected low-income seniors to file their Canadian income tax return by phone, and it's free.

  • EFILE: - With efile, you prepare your return then take it to a service provider to file it electronically, for a fee. This is one of the fastest ways to get your return processed.